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Phoenix Pest Services

My husband works for Phoenix Pest Services in mid-Michigan.

If you're in need of bug control services this company is top notch.

Check this out:

Thank you for considering Phoenix Pest Services to be your choice in pest control.

At Phoenix Pest Services we like to show our clients that we can offer the services they need at the right price for the job. We strive to make customer satisfaction a priority.

We offer pest prevention and pest control.

Inspections are always done to determine what type of pest you have or what could be a problem in the future. Pheromone monitors and glue boards are installed to catch bugs and show us what types of insects are getting into the area. This helps us determine the next plan of attack in our pest control services so we can treat accordingly.

If it is determined you need bed bug treatments we have two types of control that we use in the bed bug program - Heat or steam.

For the steam method we vacuum, steam, dust and use a liquid pesticide that will remain behind to help prevent re-infestations from occurring.  

In multi unit buildings a steam unit is the better way to go. In structures where the heat can be maintained the heat method is the best way to go.

A custom pricing for pest control services and bed bug work can be created for clients that require both types of services.

By utilizing the services of both pest control and bed bug specific treatments you can get in front of potential pest control issues that can become major problems quickly if left untreated.

Phoenix Pest Control offers high standards in customer care and service.

Let us help you.

Robert Napolitano
Sales and Service
(810) 429-3080

What's Your Wedding Story? Guest Blog by Catherine Bybee

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. I thought in light of the time of year and the nature of my latest release, that I’d talk about weddings. Because let’s face it...everyone loves a wedding.

When I was in my twenties I must have attended a wedding a year. In some cases two weddings a year. I dated my husband for six before we married and we had plenty of time to soak in all the celebrations of those around us. We went to wedding of all faiths, from Catholic to Jewish, Christian to Hindu nuptials. We toasted with full bars where weddings cost more than most down payments on a house, and drank soda because the bride and groom decided to use the money for a condo. There were cakes that could feed a small country and buffets filled with food I couldn’t identify. There were pregnant brides and hung-over grooms. You name it, we saw it.

Weddings are a feast for our eyes and some of the drama that I’ve seen unfold could feed my romance novels for the next decade and never repeat. I love weddings. Sadly, I’ve not attended any in over ten years. So what is a writer to do? Write about weddings! Most of the weddings I write about a fairy tale in nature but when I’m going to put a wedding scene in every one of my bride books I absolutely have to mix it up a bit. So why not add some of the drama that really happens in life? Why not talk about bridesmaid dresses from hell or heat that makes even the best hair designers work drop the second an outside door is opened? There are plenty of LOL moments in life and if it happens at a wedding, it usually ends up on YouTube. Oh, the joy of life in 2012.

So tell me, dear reader…do you have a wedding story that is book-worthy?

Please tell!

Married by Monday
Catherine Bybee

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Catherine Bybee Books

ISBN: 9780985088835


Number of pages: 297

Word Count: 75K

Formats available: E-Book, Print

Book Two in the Weekday Bride Series

Carter Billings:

Sandy blond hair and Hollywood good looks, Carter Billings could have any woman he wants. However, when he makes his bid for the Governor's seat in the state of California, he needs to settle down and become a family man. Eliza, the woman he secretly adores, embodies the perfect amount of spice and passion to suit his marital needs, but she’s not interested in becoming Mrs. Billings. She can't even stand to be in the same room with him.

Eliza Havens:

It’s much easier to drive Carter away than to give into desire. Matching couples is how she earns a living, but getting married isn’t an option. The secrets she carries are too dangerous to entangle anyone else. When her hidden identity and past threaten her future, she’s left with little choice. Carter is quick to offer solutions to both their problems, but saying yes could mean endangering the man she’s growing to love.

Author of New York Times Bestseller, Wife by Wednesday presents, Book Two in the Weekday Bride Series

New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Catherine Bybee has been addicted to romance since her teens. After spending a decade of her life working as an RN in urban emergency rooms, Catherine is now dedicated to writing happily-ever-afters for the world to love. Catherine is married and raising two sons in Southern California.

She loves hearing from her readers so feel free to visit her at: