Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Imagine a winter wedding wonderland scene: An old-fashioned frozen pond with people dressed warmly in sweaters, hats, gloves and mittens ice skating on it, snowmen built alongside the pond, icicles dripping from the trees, plus hot cups of cocoa and a roaring fire to go home to. You could take this scene and use the elements to create your own winter wonderland theme wedding.

When planning a winter wedding, you can use traditional elements like snowflakes and icicles, ice skates and sleds. You can create a nostalgic scene by using a dark blue and a light blue with a more country essence, or you could have a sleek and modern winter wonderland by just focusing on the metallic color scheme and using mainly the snowflakes and icicles.


Dark blue, ice blue, white and silver.

Color Variations

Metallic blues, silver and white.

Items for Decorations, Invitations and Favors

Ice skates, frozen pond, ice sculptures, snowmen, snowflakes, icicles, mittens, hats, scarves, sleds and hot cups of cocoa.

Favor Ideas

Make or buy mittens, fill them with candy and tie the opening with a ribbon. If you can't find mittens, you can also use basic tulle circles in your wedding colors, filled with candy and tied with a ribbon and personalized tag.

Other favor options include tiny ice skates, snowflake-shaped candy or miniature soaps or single packets of hot cocoa mix personalized with your names and wedding date. This could be easily accomplished by printing out big stickers and affixing them to the packets.

Tiny snow globes might be the best favor idea for a winter wonderland theme wedding. You can buy them in bulk at online auction sites.


You'll be able to find little sleds at dollar stores around Christmas. If you find plain ones, you can paint or decorate them and use them as centerpieces. Just place flowers or a candle inside each one.

A large glass bowl could also be used with a tall pillar candle in the middle surrounded by blue, white and silver Christmas balls. Following a similar theme, use mirrored tiles on the table with glass bowls on top. Fill each bowl with water and blue and clear glass rocks, which will resemble ice, and put a floating candle on top. If you do not want a floating candle, just use the glass rocks and nestle a votive candle in them.

Wedding Attire

Winter fabrics are warm, thick and rich. You could choose velvet, perhaps not for your dress but for capes and cloaks. Other warm winter fabrics include fur, thick satins and knits. A warm, fluffy sweater could be part of your going-away outfit or used somewhere else in the wedding theme. Your white dress and a dark blue velvet cape would be a stunning combination.


Simple and elegant white flowers are best, such as white roses or a combination of white and very deep red roses.