Friday, May 29, 2009

DIY Eco-Invitations from

I briefly wrote about InviteSite in The Everything Green Wedding Book.
They offer fabulous eco-friendly invitations and eco-DIY invitation kits to help couples go green for their weddings.

I think what I love most about the eco-paper (other than the fact it saves trees) is the texture. The fabulous textures of recycled, seeded, hand made, and tree free papers are so sensual. Thick, textured, grainy, seedy, fabric...these papers just feel amazing and the look is something that you just can't compare to a regular, boring, flat piece of paper.

"Plantable Booklet Invitation made from tree free, handmade papers with real, plantable Cosmo OR Marigold seeds. Perfect for a Green Wedding. Original custom artwork letterpress printed on cover. Recycled white envelopes.

Details About the Seedling Invitations:

DIY booklet invitation.

Diecut pocket for RSVP set and enclosures.

Diecut binding holes as scored for easy folding and assembly.



Portfolio wrapper made from recycled cotton rag and silk handmade paper from India.

Diecut and letterpress printed in Pasadena.

Inside invitation sheet made from recycled cotton rag and silk handmade paper.

Envelopes made from recycled paper, 30-50% post consumer recycled, made in the U.S.

Overall Size: 7 1/4x 5 1/4

finished invitation measures 5"x7"

Colors: Green, off white, natural paper raffia for binding

A charming booklet invitation that opens to a wide landscape of 14 inches.

Included in the DIY set are:

Invitation sheet: Recycled 100% silk and cotton rag paper

Booklet Cover: Die-cut and scored portfolio wrapper made handmade heavy weight paper embedded with real Cosmo seeds.

Letterpress printed original design.

Mailing Envelope:Recycled white A7 envelope.

gluestick:For gluing pocket.

awl: for binding.

Ribbon: Half yard of natural paper raffia per invitation.

Extra DIY papers: MS Word printing templates if you plan to print these yourself.

10% extra printing sheets and envelopes for printing errors


Assembled reference sample
Check out for other fabulous eco-wedding invitations and DIY invitation kits.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Favors Are Going Green: Smock Joins with the Amazon Conservation Association

The Amazon Conservation Association, one of the environmental groups that Smock supports, has started encouraging couples to bypass traditional wedding favors at their receptions and go eco instead.

Instead of traditional less-green “keepsakes” for your guests, help save the Amazon rainforests instead.

For a $5 donation per guest, you can thank your loved ones with a contribution to help protect the Amazon.

Couples will receive one beautiful favor card per two guests, sustainably letterpressed on Smock's bamboo paper, to display on tables at their reception explaining how your donation has helped create a better livelihood for local communities and to help conserve the biological diversity of the Amazon basin.

Because Smock wants to support the good work that ACA is doing, they have donated the design and letterpress printing of the favor cards, which are based on our Engadine letterpress wedding invitations.

Smock will gladly personalize these favor cards for free for those couples who have chosen Smock for their letterpress wedding invitations.

Stylish and Eco-Friendly Invitations and Stationery From Linda and Harriett

Brides are you looking for stylish invitations, notecards, stationery or other bridal paper goods?

Check out Linda and Harriet for custom letterpress creations that are stylish and affordable.

Linda & Harriett offer completely custom-designed letterpress invitations. They will work with you one on one to incorporate a certain theme or feel that is completely unique and all your own.

And the great eco-thing about Linda and Harriet? All of their letterpress ink is soy-based and all note cards & greeting cards are printed on 30% post-consumer & 100% carbon neutral paper.

I had the chance to sample a notepad and I am in love. How can I go back to plain paper after such luxury?

Even being the treehugger that I am I am a paper addict. I can not give up my addictions to notepads, journals and fine art paper. However I try to balance all that by using eco-friendly recycled paper and/or tree free paper options. Great companies like Linda and Harriett make that possible.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Green Wedding Tips from Ideal Bite's Heather Stephensen

Like most women who are looking forward to their big day, Heather Stephenson, co-founder of Ideal Bite, is all wrapped up in the planning process.

From the registry right down to the DJ and honeymoon, Heather is sharing her secrets for throwing your very own “Big Fat Green Wedding”, biter style.

Let’s start with your guests:

* Use recycled or plantable paper for your wedding mailings. This way, you can save the date AND a tree.

* Opt for a “green” registry by having guests help finance your honeymoon (think African Safari) or in lieu of gifts, contribute to your favorite eco-charity.

* Reserve rooms for your out of town guests at an eco-friendly hotel or resort.

Here comes the bride:

Here comes the bride, all dressed in GREEN.

* Skip the crinlon and opt for fabrics that are sustainable and easy on the earth.

* When it comes to glamming up your hair and makeup, say “I don’t” to chemicals and use a salon that offers organic and paraben free ingredients.

Party Time:

* Be sure to choose a caterer who uses seasonal, organic and or local food.

* When it comes time for your wedding toasts, make sure you have organic wine and beer on hand.

* Choose a DJ who is sings a greener tune by using paperless billing, solar powered equipment, MP3’s and LED lights.

* Stick to locally grown, organic flowers for your bridal bouquets and center pieces.

For more Ideal Bite green wedding planning tips check out

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Everything Green Wedding Books In E Magazine

The Everyting Green Wedding Book was recently reviewed in E Magazine's latest issue. You can view what was said here at E Magazine's website or just keep reading below.

It looks better in the mag but I just had to post the great little review.


"The Everything Green Wedding Book: Plan an Elegant, Affordable, Earth-Friendly Wedding (Adams Media, $15.95) is true to its title, covering just about anything the eco-conscious couple could possibly need to know in order to tread lightly down the aisle. Author Wenona Napolitano hits all the wedding-planning marks, from prenuptial pampering to eco-friendly wedding apparel, jewelry and decorations (including informative shakedowns of the diamond and floral industries); from tree-free invitations (elephant-dung paper; e-vites) to compostable tableware and plantable favors. This comprehensive guide includes a wedding-planning timeline and checklist, and lest you think she’ll leave you at the alter, Napolitano also helps her newlywed readers plan their eco-honeymoons and manages to dispense with green cleaning, nest-building and baby-prep info as well. "

Zulu Grass Jewelry for Your Wedding

Looking for something unique and sustainable to wear for your wedding or perhaps give as attendant gifts? Then check out Zulu Grass jewelry.
This jewelry is made sustainably in the Kenya area of Africa by Maasai women and sold through The Leakey Collection
Zulu Grass is affordable and fun. The strands come in hundreds of colors and can be worn as bracelets, necklaces, even belts. Matching earrings are also available. And it is all made from actual grass grown in Africa.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Save Money on Your Wedding Story: Do-It-Yourself Photo Books from Freeze Frame Publishing!

Today I have a guest post from Laura at Freeze Frame Publishing. She gives some great ideas for creating DIY wedding memory books.

How will you remember your wedding story?
Your wedding story is just as important as your wedding day.

How did you and your future spouse meet? What was your courtship like? Who are the friends and family important to your story? Were there showers and parties held in your honor? Where and when did you exchange your vows? Who shared your day with you? Did you take a honeymoon?

With a little pre-planning YOU can create customized photo books commemorating YOUR wedding story.

You have several opportunities to put your creativity to use building a photo book series to chronicle your wedding.

Some ideas for personally created Wedding Story photo books:

1. Guest Book:
In addition to having a record of all of the attendees you will have a memorable record of some of the items used in the wedding as well as places where the events were held. Leave plenty of room for signatures and have plenty of Sharpie-style pens available for signing.

2. Attendants’ photo books:
Photo books make terrific “Thank-You” gifts! You can create:
· several copies of one book of shared memories for all of your attendants.
· personalized books with a common shared memories section for each attendant.
· individual photo books for each attendant.

3. Pre-Wedding photo books.
Blend your histories! Dedicate a few pages to the Bride as a child, a few pages to the Groom as a child, a few pages to you as a couple. This book might also serve as a wonderful gift for your parents.

4. Wedding photo book.
Perhaps your photographer offers a professionally created wedding book. You can also create your own made of pictures your guests have taken of your wedding and reception. Have lots of cameras available throughout your wedding day events. Place cameras on tables and let your guests snap pictures of your big day from their vantage points. Provide collection centers for the cameras near the exit areas when your guests leave. Have these pictures burned to CDs or other digital media. You now have many pictures, taken by your guests, to choose from as you create your own Wedding Photo Book

5. Honeymoon photo book.
This would complete your Wedding Story Photo Book Collection. Your honeymoon is your first vacation with your new spouse. Take lots of pictures! If you travel with a laptop, you can create your honeymoon photo book with Freeze Frame Publishing’s software while on the plane home. You do not need internet access to frame your memories while using our FREE software. You can even order your photo book while waiting in the terminal for your luggage! Can’t wait to show your friends and family? There’s a “share online” feature that allows you to email a virtual honeymoon photo book to your friends and family.

You can create landscape, square, or lay-flat photo books through Freeze Frame Publishing. Prices begin at $29.99 for 20 pages (additional pages are available!). Several binding options are also available. Please check our web site for our complete product offerings.

We invite you to download our FREE software and give it a try as you frame your memories forever.

If you have slow internet connection, or no internet connection, request a disc and we will send our software to you! You can also sign up to receive our blog posts emailed directly to your in- box!

What's Different About Freeze Frame Publishing?

* Unlike building your photo books in large, brightly-lit chain stores or uploading your photos one by one to a web site, our software is available as a FREE download from our web site.

* The software resides on your computer.

* Your digital pictures remain on your computer. You do not upload your pictures to a web site.

* There are no memberships or passwords required to use our software.

* Each page of your photo book is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE. You can change backgrounds as many time as you like; you can put captions anywhere you like; you can change fonts, font size and font color any time you like. We even offer Full-Bleed pages at no extra cost!

* When you are ready to have your photo products printed, you can upload your photo product file directly to our digital printer, or, if high-speed internet is not available where you live, you can save your photo product file to a CD or other media device and mail it to us.

* You have the option of paying by check or credit card.

* No internet access necessary! Since our software resides on your computer's desktop, you do not need internet access to 'frame your memories' with Freeze Frame Publishing.

Enjoy this special time in your life; enjoy the memories you create. If we can be of any assistance, please email us at, or me at

Freeze time… Frame your memories forever!

Laura Hughes
Freeze Frame Publishing
10383 36th Street
Lowell, MI 49331

Monday, May 11, 2009

Winner of 250 Cards from

Well today is the winning day for 's 250 card giveaway. These are designable, custom cards that can be used as invitations, thank you notes, anouncements or whatever.

Where are all the brides? No one signed up for this. You all missed out.

I can't believe more people did not sign up for this. Everyone probably thought shipping would be expensive but I don't think it is. Well, worth the 250 cards.

Too bad, everyone missed out on a great deal.

Since only one person actually followed the rules (Roxanne) I'll pay for her shipping expenses so she gets the cards totally free.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nikken Organics True Elements Facial Products

Ladies are you looking for skincare products that will give you a beautiful glow for your big day?

Then look no further than Nikken's True Elements Swiss Organic Facial Care products.

I had a chance to try True Elements Daily Perfecting Cream, Intensive Night Cream, and Contour serum.

I could instantly feel the difference. My skin became more soft and supple without feeling greasy. Within a day of use the tiny lines that have started to plague me were gone. And my skin didn't break out.

Nikken True Elements line of skincare products are EcoCert certified which means they are at least 95% organic, they contain no mineral oil, no silicon, no emulsifiers made from PEG, no parabens, no phenoxyethanols, and no synthetic dyes, colors or fragrances.

True Elements products are made with plants native to the Swiss Alps region and natural oils such as olive, jojoba, macadamia and shea butter.

These are some of the best organic facial products that I have tried. I would love to stock up on them. They are available through Nikken Wellness Consultants- like an Avon lady though this is the Nikken Consultant.

You can check out Nikken products at

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Eureka EnviroVac

In honor of Earth Day I received a Eureka envirovac to try out for a couple of weeks.

Somehow the people at Eureka must have known I have a vacuuming fetish. Strange I know, but I like a clean house and I swear my family members are some of the dirtiest people who can not comprehend the simple request of "remove your shoes". So that means I vacuum...a lot!

The envirovac is Eureka's way of going green, at least greener than your average vacuum.

The envirovac uses less energy than your average upright vacuum, up to 33% less energy while still providing power and performance equal to or exceeding a regular vacuum.

The envirovac also features a bag less canister- so no extra resources are used to create bags and the filter is reusable, washable and hypoallergenic and everything is packaged in recyclable materials.

I love this vacuum. It is easy to use, picks up great and is easy to clean out. My regular vacuum always gives me trouble when I empty the canister, this one is so easy to empty, pull it out, snap it back on. Simple as that.

Two things about the envirovac bugged me though-

1) the on and off switch is low on the handle. I am used to the on and off switch to be on the base so I can hit it with my toe. I like it like that, it is awkward finding the switch on the side.

2) The other thing that bugged me a little was the Power Paw Rise Visor and the other cleaning attachment kept falling off the vacuum while I was vacuuming. They need to attach those things more securely.

Other than those two minor things I love this vacuum. I wish I didn't have to send it back.

Oh well, I am considering buying one.

The Eureka envirovacs are available exclusively at WalMart and for around $72.22.

These vacuums would be something great to add to your eco-registry or for those shopping for presents consider one of these.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My House Stinks Contest By Dutch Boy Paints

Dutch Boys Paint is looking for people with uninhabitable rooms in their homes to submit a picture to -

The owner of the worst-looking room wins $5,000 and 50 gallons of Dutch Boy's new Refresh paint to help rejuvenate their living space! Refresh is "an innovative new line of eco-friendly, VOC-free paints from Dutch Boy which neutralizes common household odors."

The 2nd prize winner get $2,500 and 25 gallons of Refresh

The 3rd prize winner receives $1,000 and 10 gallons of Refresh.

Check out to enter or for more information about the contest

Ask Experts Your Wedding Dress Questions

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Call TOLL-FREE 888-593-7377 (888-59-DRESS) to leave your questions for Randy, Kleinfeld's Fashion Director, and Nicole, Director of Sales.

Hear Randy and Nicole's audio responses at starting May 1.