Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get Fresh with Sara Snow

Has anyone watched Get Fresh with Sara Snow? I found the episodes on Fit TV but I think they are on other Discovery channels as well. She offers great green tips and ideas.

I just watched the Green Wedding episode. It was great but WOW $$$. I don't know how it works when you are on a TV show but I think the network and vendors came out of pocket for some stuff because if the couple had to pay for all that green extravagance I know it was expensive.

The massive amount of flowers that were used from Organic Bouquet would have cost a small fortune by themselves. Then they gave away organic cotton robes as favors to all their guests. Please, who can afford $50 + per person for favors and they probably had around 100 guests or more.

It was a great way to showcase the possibilities that a green wedding can be elegant and extravagant but unless you're a rich celebrity the stuff they showcased is out of most couple's budgets.

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