Saturday, September 27, 2008

How to Get Married in Green by Suzan St Maur

UK brides you now have a wonderful resource to help you plan your green wedding. How to Get Married in Green: Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding Without Compromising on Style is a fabulous green wedding planning book by Suzan St Maur.

You might think it strange that I'm promoting another green wedding planning book when my own comes out in December but every writer, while still offering some of the same basic green information, has their own voice and their own take on green weddings. You'll find something different in every book. So far I've read every book on green wedding planning (except The Green Bride Guide which isn't out yet) in addition to writing my own. Each one has wonderful and unique advice. Some offer how-to advice, DIY sections, recipes and more.

Suzan's book is geared toward British brides, full of British resources, companies and websites that are not in my book, since my book was written from an American point of view with mostly American websites and resources though I do include the UK site Ethical Weddings and several UK retailers as well as some Canadian ones like Botanical Paperworks. (Which by the way, since I live in Michigan, Canada is my closest neighbor, it takes me 30 minutes to get to Canada but over an hour to get to the nearest neighboring US State, so to me Canada is more a nice neighbor than another country).

In Suzan's book you'll find great green advice on: jewelry (jewellery to you UK brides to be), pre wedding parties, the location of your wedding and reception, stationery, clothing, cosmetics, gifts, flowers, decorations, the ceremony, the reception, the food, drinks (even recipes for organic cocktails), photography, transportation and the honeymoon. Everything you need to help you plan a green wedding in the UK but most of the information is can be used to help you plan a green wedding anywhere.

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