Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eco Festival In San Ramon August 29 and 30 Will Offer "I Do Eco" Advice

Bay Area Festival will be a Celebration of Environmentally-focused Entertainment, Education, and Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Eco-Festivals, Inc., an organization that encourages people to live simple and cost-effective green lifestyles, has teamed with leading environmentally-conscious vendors and experts to announce the first annual Eco-Festival being held at the San Ramon City Center in San Ramon, California on August 29-30, 2009. The free two-day event aims to provide “good green fun for everyone.” Event hours will be Saturday, August 29 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday, August 30 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The San Ramon Eco-Festival will be designed in collaboration with eco-greenroom guru, Robert Craymer, best known for his elite-greenrooms backstage at the Oscars, Golden Globes, Bravo A-list Awards, Young Hollywood Awards, Sundance Film Festival and Al Gore’s LiveEarth concert series.

To add to the sensory experience, the Eco-Festival will feature lively chatter from several HGTV stars, including six-time Emmy-award-nominated actor Ed Begley Jr. and his wife Rachelle Carson-Begley of “Living with Ed;” Nicole Facciuto, host of “Red Hot, & Green;” and Susie Coelho, host of “Outer Spaces” and reoccurring guest on “The View” and “Oprah.”

“The City of San Ramon is excited to welcome this groundbreaking event to help our local and bay area residents and business community experience the positive impact of a green lifestyle,” said H. Abram Wilson, Mayor, San Ramon , California . “The San Ramon Eco-Festival will offer attendees the tools to become more environmentally conscious in a fun and inspiring atmosphere.”

The Eco-Festival will provide no shortage of entertainment as the main stage and several themed ‘zones’ offer opportunities to experience aspects of eco-friendly living, such as:

Main Stage: listen to the sounds of well-known environmentalist rock band U2 through cover band Zoo Station, and additional performances by Bay Area talent.

Meet the Experts: learn about different green industries as experts share their knowledge in sessions designed to raise environmental awareness and provide take-home tips.

Kids Zone: play sustainable carnival games, ride solar/bio-fuel powered rides and enjoy performances by the country’s most famous children’s acts, such as nationally acclaimed PBS children’s performer SteveSongs, as well as the Happy Birds (featured on “The Tonight Show”).

Food Court: experience the future of organic dining while testing the latest tools for eco-friendly cooking, cleaning, and disposal.

Vendor Village: browse the latest sustainable goods and services for the home, garden and office.

Fashion Show: view chic, stylish fashions showcasing clothing, jewelry and beauty products made from organic materials.

Enchanted Island : explore the next level of sustainability for a healthier living.

I Do Eco: learn about sustainable wedding practices from green wedding vendors.

Auto Zone: discover the latest innovations in electric cars, hybrids and sustainable car care that don’t sacrifice quality or style.

Career Zone: learn how to make sustainability a full-time career at the on-site job fair.

“Today, average citizens are eager to minimize their impact on our planet,” said Robert Jacobs, Executive Director, Eco-Festivals, Inc. “The San Ramon Eco-Festival will provide a simple blueprint for sustainable living that demonstrates going green can be easy and fun.”

Anyone interested in participating in or partnering with Eco-Festivals, Inc., is encouraged to contact or For more information please visit

Eco-Festivals, Inc. Eco-Festivals, Inc. is a non-profit organization seeking 501(c)(3)) status that aims to educate everyday people on how to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices into every day life and live a green lifestyle. Eco-Festival events are designed to engage consumers of all ages through interactive entertainment and exhibitions that make learning how to minimize harm to our environment fun.

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