Saturday, August 8, 2009

Save 20% At Brittanie's Thyme

Throughout the month of August you can save 20% on all Brittanie's Thyme products.

"Because of the rampant “green washing” that has taken place throughout the personal care industry, Brittanie’s Thyme LLC decided it was imperative to become USDA Certified Organic. It is the only means of proving to users that a product is what it claims in terms of organic."

"The company has realized its goal and is now USDA NOP certified. Its manufacturing facility and 85% of its products are now certified at 95% or higher."

You can get facial cleansers, scrubs, serums and more at Brittanie's Thyme.

High quality products with an intimate home made feel that are easy on your budget. Their high qaulity organic products don't cost the high doallr amount that so many organic beauty products do.

Drop by and check them out and save 20% during the month of August.

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