Friday, November 20, 2009

I Do Tattoo For the Hip Bride Who Needs Something Blue

I Do Tattoos have got to be one of the most creative and useful ideas in bridal accessories to happen in a long time: a temporary tattoo-that's blue!

Finally a super easy, cute and totally hip way top add something blue to your bridal ensemble.

I Do Tattoo offers a modern twist on the timeless tradition of wearing “Something Blue." Gone are the days of the tired old garter. Now there’s a fresh new alternative for today’s savvy bride. It’s unique. It’s innovative. And it’s personal.

I Do Tattoo offers 8 exclusive tattoo designs. Just pick your favorite! They include two tattoos of your chosen design – one for practice, and one so you’ll look perfect on your wedding day.

The tattoos packaging is a memorable keepsake

I Do Tattoo comes elegantly encased in a stunning blue folio which opens like a book. The outside is adorned with a blue satin ribbon and sparkling crystal brooch. The custom packaging is so beautiful, you’ll want to save it with your most treasured wedding day mementos. Click on folio to view close-up image.

In addition, your chosen design is carefully screen printed in a beautiful, scratch-resistant silver ink. It is elegantly framed as a permanent keepsake, so you’ll always remember what you wore as your “Something Blue.”

The folio is also a photo frame

After you’ve used your tattoos, you’ll want to show off your beautiful keepsake. Just slide a 5 x 7 photo into the top of the picture frame. Or, use it to solve the age-old problem of how to preserve a copy of your wedding invitation. The choice is yours.

A great value for only $36.00.

Could it get any better? A blue temporary tattoo, a custom keepsake memory/photo frame.

Finally something new for something blue.

And it is beautiful, useful, and so very trendy.

I really wish these would have been around when I got married because the something blue part I really struggled with. I think most brides do.

The something old and something new parts are easy...but blue?
How many women wear blue on their wedding day anymore? Or of they do it is only because of that old rhyme.

I received two samples that I am going to wear just because...unless my daughter steals them which she will because she loves temporary tattoos.
Visit to learn moer or to order your blue tattoo.

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