Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eco-Couture for the Environmentally Conscious Bride

Green weddings have become a hot trend that the wedding industry has embraced whole heartedly. With the growing awareness of global warming, the green movement may become much more than just a trend.
Many couples are increasingly adding eco-friendly elements to their weddings and want to learn more about their green options. Brides especially want to be green…without giving up style.
Are you one of those brides that want to have a green wedding but you hesitate when it comes to the dress? You’ve heard about wearing heirloom, pre-owned (used), or vintage (still used) gowns being great green options but do you cringe at the thought of wearing someone else’s dream?

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Working said...

Love the idea of a pre-owned/vintage wedding dress option. Check out this video at Working For Green about a woman in Santa Monica who makes double sided wedding dresses so brides can wear them again and again: