Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good Clean Love, one of the pioneers in creating natural, "green" intimacy products, has ditched their original packaging and red, white and black logos for something a little greener- as in the color green.

The new packaging is designed to showcase Good Clean Love's fresh ideas and connection to the world of green living. It also places a large emphasis on the GOOD part of the brand's name which is to point out that the products themselves are good.

Founder Wendy Strgar created the company on the principals of wanting to "make love sustainable". She created a line of natural, organic personal lubricants, body oils and other sensual love products that are free of toxic ingredients and petrochemicals. All of Good Clean Love's products are created with natural and organic essential oils, organic base oils, and they are completely free of parabens and other harmful ingredients that are often found in traditional personal lubricants.

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