Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Everything Green Wedding Book is Now On Sale in Stores

Today is the day everyone. You can find The Everything Green Wedding Book in stores.

My son said his friend seen it in a store in Lansing last week but I don't know. My husband checked today and found it in two out of three stores. Today was the official release date so woo hoo!

What am I doing to celebrate? Actually I am at the library using high speed internet access and working on a Christmas photo book. Dial up takes forever to use when uploading photos. But hey I am celebrating inside. Maybe I'll hit a few book stores tomorrow and see for myself. That'll make it more real.

My husband, Robert is so sweet, he bought me a congratulations type of card. You know they don't make a "congratulations on your book card" at least not ones they sell at the grocery store. LOL.

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