Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year Coming Soon

Almost a new year, wow, this year has went by so fast.

The Green Bride Giveaway was a success, I hope the winners enjoy their prize packs.

The Everything Green Wedding Book: Plan an elegant, affordable, earth-friendly wedding (Everything Series) is now on sale in book stores everywhere including Amazon and tons of others.

You know- I still have not been to a book store to actually see it for sale though. Isn't that crazy?I've been so busy with the holidays I have not been to the local Borders or Barnes and Noble. The day it came out my husband went to several book stores just to see it. He is my biggest fan, I love it.

I'll get there soon, maybe this weekend. I don't know, I have a list of work ten miles long. I am hoping 2009 brings more book deals. I have several proposals I am working on (three green ones), including another green wedding title only this one is more a DIY style. Keep your fingers crossed that 2009 will be a great year.

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Watch said...

This is crazy to run into your blog post. I just bought your "The Everything Green Wedding Book" on Amazon for my friend who is getting married in California next December. Great book and I am sure the book will sell well.

Leslie Watch