Thursday, April 2, 2009

Green Wedding Article in Trumbull Times

Kate Harrison author of The Green Bride Guide and I were interviewed for this article in the Trumbull Times by Stacy Maxwell.

Download a pdf here at Kate's website.

Kate is really great with statistics and tips, you should check out her website. She also has photos from couples that have had green weddings and have shared their own ideas and tips. It's a great place to learn more about green weddings...from someone that has actually had a green wedding.

My own wedding was greenish back in 2003 but green was not all the rage yet back then and almost unheard of here in Flint, MI by anyone except die hard greenies.

I borrowed and rented a lot of things and used all local services, family and friends. We did a lot of DIY stuff. Like I did all my flowers and centerpieces and my unity candle arrangement.

My husband's family did the catering.

Our wedding and reception were in the same location (and only about two miles from our house) in a building that stays decorated for weddings so we had to provide minimal stuff, centerpieces were pretty much was all we added which were floating candles in glass bowls (which have been used and reused multiple times for parties and other weddings) on top of mirrored tiles.

I also bought bouquet holders and clips and after the ceremony my bouquet and all my attendants' bouquets (five) were placed in the holders at the present table and across the front of the bridal table. The six bouquets in clips and stands added beautiful double duty decor without spending extra.

I also reused the two flower girl baskets by placing them on a table as decorations.

Things I couldn't make myself I bought from artisans that handmade them like my castle guest book and castle cake topper. (We had a fairytale theme.)

Even our (one night) honeymoon was close to home, only about an hour drive from our house.

We saved a fortune by staying close to home and going DIY, we also saved a bunch of resources.

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