Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Simple Summer Tips from BeGreenNow

Summer is coming fast and here are some great tips from BeGreen to help you stay cool and be green this summer.

BeGreen ( is one of the country’s leading carbon offset providers.

BeGreen has put together the following tips to help them save the planet and “look cool” doing it.

Sure, we know that taking steps to cool down Mother Earth needs no reward, but there’s no harm in making oneself seem a little more hip in the process:

Become A Groupie for “Green” Artists

If your iPod playlist is getting stale, download the latest hits from trendy “green” artists like Radiohead, Jack Johnson and G Love & Special Sauce.

These and other artists have become known for their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their concerts through activities such as running tour buses on eco-friendly bio-fuels, avoiding plastics, using solar powered sound and stages and offsetting travel with carbon offsets.

G. Love & Special Sauce has taken the environmental message to social networking by setting up MySpace pages devoted to “green” initiatives and using video ( to educate fans about way to make a difference.

By buying their music, you’ll also be supporting earth-loving causes.

Scoot Around On Greener Wheels

Once considered an eyesore, the Toyota Prius is the vehicle of choice for Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio.

But if a Prius isn’t a person’s cup of tea, there are a number of “green” vehicle alternatives like scooters, other hybrids, or the Smart Car. Even tough guys like Mickey Rourke have been spotted scooting around town in eco-friendly Vespa scooters. Best of all, you’ll save a lot of green by making the switch.

Eat and Be Seen At Green Eateries

Eco-friendly eateries are all the rage. And, not by any coincidence, these “green” food spots tend to be some of the places where all the “cool kids” hang out. Places that promote themselves as vegetarian or use organic products are a good start, but even those shops that buy their produce, meat and fish from local sources save the pollution created from shipping food from different parts of the country.

With a little searching, it isn’t hard to find a handful of local “green” restaurants and cafes that you can incorporate into your dining out routine – starting you on the path to coolness.

Bag the Handbag

Whether you’re doing some shopping, going to the gym or simply strolling the beach, eco-friendly totes, made from recycled materials, provide an easy way to make an impact – and look cool doing it.

Perfect for summertime and designed as environment-loving alternatives to plastic grocery bags, “green” bags, like the BeGreen Pod can update your wardrobe while being fun and functional. And they’re cheap chic, to boot – most are under $15.

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