Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am Now A Featured Wedding Contributor for Associated Content

More of my wedding articles will be featured on AssociatedContent.com soon as I have been elevated to a featured wedding contributor position.

I'll be posting links here once new articles are up.

I am also now writing for GreenDivaMom.com my post is now live and can be viewed at http://www.greendivamom.com/2010/03/16/daily-giggles-organic-lip-balm-for-little-green-divas/

Unfortunately the name in the title is supposed to be Dilly Giggles not Daily Giggles, I am sure the editor will make the changes to that soon.

Green Options Media is under going some changes but I will still be writing for them but the sites have been going up and down as they switch to new servers and new layouts which makes posting difficult. Once everything is back to normal I will once again be posting there as well.


Terra Wellness said...

Congratulations, That's great stuff :)

My cricket team said...

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