Friday, June 18, 2010

Eco Items at The Travelling Souk

If you're in the UK and you haven't dropped by The Travelling Souk yet...what are you waiting for? :-)

The Travelling Souk was created in 2003 by Georgiana Grimston and Anna Craven. The business was inspired by a trip to the magical souks & markets of Marrakesh- Georgiana wanted to recreate these markets and bring them to British homes while donating partial proceeds to charity.

In 2007 they launched the website The Travelling Souk and have over 100 businesses that offer exotic and niche market items you may not find anywhere else.

And while they have always offered fair trade gifts and distinctive brands the Souk now offers "green" goods too. They have a whole Eco Souk section. The eco souk section has home and garden offerings, eco toys, clothing, and health and beauty items. And a jewellery section is coming soon.

Look for the eco souk symbol to know you are shopping for an item that is fair trade, ethical , organic, recycled, green, natural or eco-friendly.

So much to's a lot to take in- just like being in a market filled with exotic and wonderful goods. Makes me wish I was in another country so I could really enjoy this unique shopping experience.

Skimming through the site I found a lot of familiar names and products in the eco-section so have no fear these goods (at least the ones I clicked on) are authentically green and not green washed.

Since opening in 2003 the company has raised more than £300,000.00 for many charities. At the events 10% of proceeds go to the hostesses’ assigned charity. Orders placed on the website send 2.6% of each purchase to charity.

And if you're in the UK you can attend a Travelling Souk event. In May they held one at Leeds Castle Kent.

A castle...people in the US can barely fathom attending events in castles. To me that would be like being in a fairytale- we just don't have castles on every corner here in the US.

To learn where other Travelling Souk events are being held visit:

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