Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pretty Petal Aisle Runners for Weddings

Brides to be that are looking for something unique and beautiful for their wedding should check out Petal Happy.

Petal Happy is the world's first (and so far only) provider of pre-petalled aisle runners and petal carpets for special events.Petal Happy's products were originally designed to beautify and enhance offbeat spaces for events like beaches, rooftops, gardens, tents and loft weddings. Each Petal Carpet is handmade and consists of tens of thousands of beautiful life-like fabric flower petals that are securely attached to a fabric backing. This creates the visual effect of walking on a bed of rose petals and allows for a cleaner, more streamlined look than strewn petals -with no clean up necessary other than rolling the aisle runner or carpet up after the event.

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