Monday, October 25, 2010

Green Halloween Costumes for the Spook-a-Look Halloween Photo Contest

This was last year's foray into making sure my kids had "green" Halloween costumes.

The predator stalking the prey

My daughter's vampire costume was a creation made from clothes in my closet, an ebay cape, and a pair of vampire fangs she already had.

We dug through my closet and found a red skirt overlaid with black see through material, a long sleeved red top and a long sleeve black lace top that she put over the red shirt. She also snagged a pair of my black heels.

My little guy couldn't say trick or treat, he said "Twick or tweat"

My little guy wore a second hand costume that was big sister's. This cute little kitty was her favorite costume that she wore for years- right until she grew out of it.
Then she was still hesitant to part with it but now her little brother loves it.
This costume was probably one of the best ever purchased because it's made it through countless Halloweens and 2 kids and it's still as cute as ever.

My daughter vamped out in our closet creation

I am posting these photos as a contest entry for the “Spook-A-Look Halloween Photo Contest” sponsored by and
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too cute

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meow- so adorable

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