Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Wedding Guestbook as Unique as the Couple

If boring guest books filled with the basic lines for guests to add a quick note along with their name and address aren't your thing than you should check out The Guestbook Store.

From the very start you can customize the album to fit your taste and style. The covers come in many beautiful colors and designs that are sure to coordinate with just about any wedding theme or style from Crimson swirl to Black velvet to custom wedding whites like White Chocolate, Ivory sateen, and Champagne Sateen.

The Guestbook Store offers covers in baroque patterns, swirls, florals, roses, even a holly berry print for the holidays.

Once you pick out the cover of your choice then you choose your page designs. The Guestbook Store offers two wedding guest book page choices either formal or casual. The casual is cute with swirls and hearts while the formal is streamlined and elegant.A standard package guestbook which consists of twenty pages is $8. If you decide to add the bride and groom's name and customize the pages the package is $16 for each twenty page package. If you wish to have 40 pages the price would be $32 with each twenty pages being another $16.

Other add on pages include lined guest book pages, pages to display your wedding invitations, journaling pages, wedding reflection pages and gift receipt pages as well as create your own page add ons.

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This is great idea very unique guest book...thanks for sharing...

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