Monday, February 14, 2011

BambuHome One of the Vendors That Sponsored My Mother's Wedding

Plates and Trays from BambuHome

When my mother announced soon after Thanksgiving 2010 that she was getting married in January of 2011 I was stunned- briefly.

Then I quickly got to work on planning her green wedding.

I am green partially because of my mother- the woman has always been a "save that don't throw it away repurposing person". I got that from her and she got it from her mother who lived through the Great Depression and a lifetime tough economics. Growing up my world was naturally crafty and green.

So I knew that her wedding had to be green as well.

Having a less than a little over a month I had no idea if I could pull off a green wedding. I didn't have a lot of time to do DIY projects that I normally would have done with more time. I did still manage to create all the floral arrangements and bouquets from artificial flowers I had on hand (left over from my floral design days) and I used glass bowls and mirror tiles for centerpieces that have been making the rounds from friend to family member for various parties since 1999 when my best friend originally purchased the bowls for her wedding. I added the mirror tiles in 2003 for my own wedding.

The biggest challenge other than food was the table settings- I couldn't stomach Styrofoam or plastic disposables yet with our minimal budget we couldn't afford fancy china and real silverware.

Bambuhome offered a fabulous solution with their bamboo veneerware plates.

The plates offered simple elegance and eco style while still being convenient and disposable. The larger plates were used for the buffet table while the small plates were absolutely perfect for the cake and dessert tables.

The bamboo bar trays in kiwi added a gorgeous splash of color to the tables and were perfect for holding napkins and silverware.

My mother was very pleased with the eco products and everyone at the wedding commented on how stylish and unique the plates were.

The wedding was a simple, budget and eco-friendly wedding done in record breaking time (from start to finish less than 2 months). It wasn't lavish and over the top but simple and down to earth just like my mom. It was perfect.

I can honestly say I'll be turning to bambuhome products for future events.

small cake plates and another kiwi tray from BambuHome

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