Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Planned My Mom's Real Green Wedding

I have been writing about green weddings for a couple years now but I have not put my advice into real wedding planning practice, at least not completely from start to finish, until now.

I used a lot of green ideas and DIY ways in my own wedding back in 2003 but this was before eco-friendly cups, napkins, and the like were readily available and somewhat affordable. So we did what we could with lots of DIY decorations and accessories along with many other green and greenish practices.

I've also helped many brides incorporate green and eco ways into their weddings over the years from using reusable d├ęcor to recycled materials.

Recently though I had the chance to plan a green wedding from start to finish and realized... sometimes it's not easy being green.

The biggest obstacle I encountered was time...or lack thereof.

My mother announced a couple weeks before Christmas that she was getting married- and the wedding date was set for January 15. Yikes, a little over a month to plan a wedding- with the holidays smack dab in the middle of it all. My next obstacle was discovering that due to the major economic downturn of the past few years almost all of the wedding companies I had previously worked with locally were gone. My cake lady was gone, the small bridal shops all gone, even my decorating and supply store was gone.

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