Monday, April 9, 2012

Plan a Wedding With a Tuscan Theme

If you or your fiancé are of Italian descent, a Tuscan theme wedding is an excellent way to pay homage to your Italian heritage. Even if you are not descended from the Tuscan region, a Tuscan theme or Italian Country theme is a very beautiful way to decorate for your wedding. Tuscan style is simple yet elegant.

Tuscan themes incorporate food and nature and can turn your wedding into a very beautifully decorated event that will be memorable not only for you and your fiancé, but for everyone that attends.

A Tuscan theme wedding can be held in a garden, a vineyard or an Italian restaurant. Think grapes and wine and incorporate shades of greens and purples into your color scheme. For centerpieces you can use wine glasses or wine bottles, bowls of fruit, candles shaped like grapes, votive cups with grape designs or glass bottles filled with oils, vinegars, and herbs. For other decorations you can have topiaries incorporating grape vines and grapes or sunflowers. You can embellish your garter, flower-girl basket and ring-bearer pillow with charms of wine bottles, grapes and wine glasses. Your flower-girl basket can be filled with grapes instead of flowers. Your guest book can have wine bottle and grape accents on it. You can wind grape vines around trellises and arbors, drape them in doorways or twist them around columns or poles.

Visit an import store or a store that specializes in Italian and Tuscan foods and try to purchase wines, olive oils, marmalades, jams and cheeses from the Tuscan region. You can use these as accents for your tables, or you can serve the specialties to your guests. As an appetizer you could have a tray of cheese and fruit. For dinner serve Italian foods, including traditional Tuscan foods such as bruschetta with tomatoes, garlic and basil or serve breads with dipping oils and herbs. You could serve antipasto salad or panzanella, which is a salad made with bread soaked in olive oil. You can serve roasted chicken or pork with a variety of pastas. You could even have a variety of gourmet-style pizzas to please your pizza-loving guests. For dessert you could serve traditional Italian desserts such as biscotti, cannoli, cheesecake, truffles or spumoni in addition to your wedding cake served alongside espresso or coffee.

To enhance the feel of your Tuscan theme wedding, you could have Italian music playing in the background. Find specific music styles or traditional songs from the Tuscan region.

You can also include some traditional Italian customs into your wedding. Bomboniere, mesh bags filled with sugar-coated Jordan almonds, are traditionally given to guests as favors. Make sure to fill the bags with odd numbers of almonds; even numbers are considered to be bad luck. Five almonds symbolize love, fidelity, longevity, fertility and happiness. Another custom is the buste; the bride carries a satin bag (la borsa), and guests place envelopes of money into the bag to help with the wedding expenses. At some Italian weddings the best man cuts the groom's tie into pieces and sells the pieces to guests. The money raised is given to the newlywed couple.

Planning a Tuscan theme wedding is a wonderful way to have a beautiful, romantic and meaningful wedding day. If you love Italian culture and the simple elegance of Tuscan style, a Tuscan theme wedding is perfect for you.

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