Thursday, April 12, 2012

Planning a Fire Fighter Theme Wedding

If you or your fiancé is a firefighter, a firefighter theme wedding can be meaningful and beautiful. You can incorporate modern firefighter items, or you can do a vintage firefighter theme wedding using antique firefighter items. For a more traditional wedding, you would probably want to use a combination of the colors red, yellow, black and white. For a vintage firefighter theme, the color scheme could be a deeper, antique red, black, ivory and beige or a deep country blue.

First, you'll need to find a location for your wedding and reception. Naturally, a fire station or fire hall would be perfect. Some fire halls allow rentals for special occasions, especially if they have a large room used for meetings or dinners. Some fire stations rent out their dining halls for parties. Even if you cannot rent out a fire station for your wedding, any area can be decorated to fit your firefighter theme.

It would be great to have a fire truck drive you to your wedding location or from your wedding to your reception, but a fire station may not be able to do this since they never know when they may need a truck. If you or your fiancé is a firefighter, you might be able to arrange this easily. Perhaps you may not get one of the big trucks, but you may get one of the vehicles.

If the fire department has rules against personal use of the vehicles, you may want to check your area for specialty rental services. Some places have unique vehicles for rental other than your basic limos, but they can be expensive. You can also check with local firefighters since some of them restore old fire trucks. Other options include renting a red truck or car to match the color scheme.

As for wedding supplies, you may have trouble finding firefighter-related items. You could consider making your own invitations on a computer using whatever design you want or having some made for you at a printer. Instead of finding supplies at wedding stores, you could try toy or costume stores. Mini plastic fire helmets could go into favors or floral arrangements.

If your budget does not allow for buying many decorations, you can creatively incorporate color into the decorations. Chances are you or your future spouse might already have many firefighter-related objects around your house, such as retired helmets, a hose, some tools, toy fire trucks, figurines and wall hangings.
However, most firefighter items have a masculine aura. You can soften them and add a feminine touch by pairing fire items up with ivy, flowers, strands of lights or maybe even some ribbon or lace. A ladder can be entwined with garlands of ivy and red and white roses, along with a strand of white lights. The ladder could be used as a backdrop behind the bridal table, or it could be laid sideways in front of the table. The hydrant could be placed on the gift table with a ring of flowers around the bottom. A hose or rope could be laced through an arch or trellis with strands of lights.

Be creative with items that are available to you, and you could save a fortune. Envision everyday firefighting items trimmed in ribbon or with flowers, and you could have plenty of centerpieces and displays for your wedding theme. Using the colors red, white, black and yellow can convey your theme as well. Have the women in the bridal party wear red or yellow dresses. The bouquets and floral arrangements can have red, yellow and white roses. The men should all wear black tuxes with accessories that match the bridesmaids' attire.

A glass bowl with red floating candles on top of a mirror tile can make an elegant and inexpensive centerpiece. Have white tablecloths with red napkins and table accessories. Add small firefighter charms to your flower girl basket, garter and ring bearer pillow. Small and simple details might be all it takes to convey your theme.

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