Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Budget Wedding Tips

To tighten your wedding budget, hold your wedding on a day other than Saturday.

Most wedding vendors (chapels, reception halls, caterers, sometimes even photographers and others) will offer cheaper rates for a Friday or Sunday wedding and even cheaper for a day in the middle of the week. Always ask what rates are offered for different days of the week.

Get married in an off month instead of a peak wedding month

May through September are peak months, October through April are off-peak months and prices are often cheaper because services during those months are in less demand.

If you are sending out invitations with reply cards, use postcards instead. Postage for postcards is cheaper than cards with envelopes.

Shop at department stores instead of Bridal shops for your bridesmaids' attire and flower-girl dress.

Check out clearance racks and shop during or right after holiday seasons. During the Christmas holidays you can find nice cocktail and semi-formal dresses for your bridesmaids cheaper than at a bridal shop. You can also find these dresses on clearance right after the holidays. Another good time to shop for dresses is during and right after prom season and homecoming. During Easter and right after you can find pretty little dresses that would work nicely as flower-girl dresses. If you are having a summer wedding, look for sundresses in soft, shimmery or sheer fabrics. Your bridesmaids will love you because they'll spend less money and have a dress they can wear again.

Always ask for discounts.

Most brides don’t ask or try to negotiate. A lot of vendors will work with you on prices, especially if you are in an area that has many competitors for the same services.

Borrow anything you can instead of buying or renting.

Borrow decorations like garden trellises and arches, vases and bowls to use for centerpieces for flowers or floating candles and mirrored tiles for centerpieces. Borrow anything you can. Instead of renting a limo, maybe a family member or friend has a nice ride like a classic car or muscle car that you can borrow.

Barter and trade services or products if you can.

When you deal with smaller, privately owned companies you can sometimes trade services. Say you are a seamstress or accountant. See if they’ll trade with you or at least give you a big discount if you provide them with something they want or need.

Enlist the help of friends and family.

Perhaps you have some talented relatives or friends: a floral designer, a computer expert, a budding DJ or photographer, someone who is crafty and creative. Enlist their help and services. Have someone crafty make your centerpieces and bouquets. Have the computer whiz design and print your invitations or make custom music CD’s for favors. Just see what they have to offer that can help you out.

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