Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wedding Webcasts

The newest trend in the wedding industry is Internet broadcasts of your wedding live over the Internet with a wedding Webcast. You can reach all your friends and family that couldn’t actually make it to your wedding. By using Internet broadcasts of your wedding, you can have a destination wedding and still share it with all your friends and family. Can’t afford a big wedding, yet you still want everyone to share in your special day? Have a live wedding Webcast that everyone can attend.

If you are planning on having a videographer, or if you have a techie friend willing to help out, this can be a great upgrade. Prices for a live wedding Webcast usually range from $300 to $750. The service usually includes reservation of your Web space and broadcast time, as well as an archive of your Webcast for easy viewing for those who missed it or for you to download and burn copies to DVD.

The downside is you still have to provide all the equipment. You'll need a digital camera or a video camera that hooks up to a computer and high-speed Internet access, which means your wedding site has to have a broadband connection. Your guests will also need high-speed access to view the Webcast live. This can be a problem in rural areas or at remote and outdoor wedding sites.

For those who have the access and the tools, a wedding Webcast is the perfect solution to make sure everyone can be a part of your wedding day.

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