Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Photo Books from Lulu.com

Lulu.com, one of the leaders in the self-publishing book industry now offers new couples the opportunity to create wedding photo books for free.

You only pay for what you decide to buy and there's no minimum purchase required. You can buy one book or fifty books. It's up to you. You can even sell your photo books at the Lulu.com Marketplace and earn money. Just think of all your family and friends that may want a book filled with memories from your big day.

The photo books are easy to create.

To try it visit www.lulu.com/publish/photo_books/wedding_photo_book/.

Then you can choose which size book you would like to create: 8.5x11, 9x7, 8.5x8.5, 5.25x3.5 (set of 3), or 3.75x2.5 (set of 4).

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