Monday, March 2, 2009

Dream Bridal for Budget Brides

Dream Bridal LA specializes in selling new, sample and gently worn high end, designer wedding gowns to savvy, sophisticated brides. Established in 2007 by wedding guru, Britta Barts, Dream Bridal LA marries a bride’s dream with the reality of her budget, without sacrificing any element of the fairy tale.

Barts founded Dream Bridal LA shortly after discovering a “black market” of once worn wedding dresses during her own personal quest to find the perfect gown. Brides-to-be were seeking out designer dresses, sans designer price tags, any way they could. There needed to be a more efficient, trusted and enjoyable way to acquire the dress of their dreams.

“I know that the purchase of a wedding gown is likely the most emotional purchase in a woman’s life”, said Barts, owner of Dream Bridal LA. “I’ve worked with hundreds of brides over the last year and while I can suggest plenty of do's and don’ts, ultimately the most exciting thing about being involved with such an integral part of a woman’s dream day is that it is ALL about her and bringing the fantasy to fruition. Modern day women know what they want, and I love being there to help deliver that to them.”

Dream Bridal LA offers the crème de la crème of designer gowns from names such as Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Melissa Sweet and more, but at 25-75% below retail prices. Dresses are often brand new, acquired from “two dress brides” or those who simply changed their mind. She also sells sample gowns from bridal boutiques, or gently worn dresses, always paying close attention to condition and quality.

Until Dream Bridal LA, there were very few enticing options for brides to acquire the perfect, yet affordable dress. The “running of the brides”, packed trunk shows, buy it now deals, pushy boutique owners or dishonest resellers made the purchase of a wedding dress more like an impersonal business transaction. With an increasing number of resale scams, Dream Bridal LA protects against unforeseen discrepancies, cons or delays in obtaining a gown. Barts and Dream Bridal LA make it possible to have the three-tiered cake and eat it too. Exquisite gowns, paired with personal service and savings enough to help fund the honeymoon, make purchasing a dress from Dream Bridal LA as simple as saying, “I do.”

Whether seeking a simple silhouette in a chic chiffon or lace design to whisk you off to your destination wedding, or a “belle of the ball” gown to match the extravagance of your big day, Barts prides herself on providing each unique bride a personal ‘white glove’ experience. She is responsive to questions and needs, can offer insider tips, and ultimately cares just as much as you do about creating a fairy tale ending.

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