Monday, March 2, 2009

Something Blue for Brides that are a Bit Naughty and Wild

Now I had to laugh at this, who would think of something this wild and crazy for brides?
A bride is the picture of innocence and virtue, that is what the white symbolizes. Then there's the old rhyme...something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...and for the blue you get this....

Malibu Betty, a fun and sexy blue color for the hair down there.

Malibu Betty Blue allows brides to let their nether regions match one of the oldest wedding traditions! How outrageous is that?

This fun shade of blue hair dye will let brides walk down the aisle feeling sexy and confident...and more than a little naughty. This is definitely for the brides that like to walk on the wild side.

The Malibu Betty Blue product is also the perfect bachelorette party gift that won’t break the bank.

And won't the new hubby be surprised when he unwraps his bride and finds...something blue.

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