Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Eureka EnviroVac

In honor of Earth Day I received a Eureka envirovac to try out for a couple of weeks.

Somehow the people at Eureka must have known I have a vacuuming fetish. Strange I know, but I like a clean house and I swear my family members are some of the dirtiest people who can not comprehend the simple request of "remove your shoes". So that means I vacuum...a lot!

The envirovac is Eureka's way of going green, at least greener than your average vacuum.

The envirovac uses less energy than your average upright vacuum, up to 33% less energy while still providing power and performance equal to or exceeding a regular vacuum.

The envirovac also features a bag less canister- so no extra resources are used to create bags and the filter is reusable, washable and hypoallergenic and everything is packaged in recyclable materials.

I love this vacuum. It is easy to use, picks up great and is easy to clean out. My regular vacuum always gives me trouble when I empty the canister, this one is so easy to empty, pull it out, snap it back on. Simple as that.

Two things about the envirovac bugged me though-

1) the on and off switch is low on the handle. I am used to the on and off switch to be on the base so I can hit it with my toe. I like it like that, it is awkward finding the switch on the side.

2) The other thing that bugged me a little was the Power Paw Rise Visor and the other cleaning attachment kept falling off the vacuum while I was vacuuming. They need to attach those things more securely.

Other than those two minor things I love this vacuum. I wish I didn't have to send it back.

Oh well, I am considering buying one.

The Eureka envirovacs are available exclusively at WalMart and for around $72.22.

These vacuums would be something great to add to your eco-registry or for those shopping for presents consider one of these.

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Twisted Limb said...

Wow--I'm pleasantly surprised by the low cost! What an easy way to green your housecleaning when it's time for a new vacuum.