Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Mom's Real Green Wedding

So we're two weeks away from my mom's big day and we're still lacking napkins, cups, table cloths, a cake knife set, a guest book and a ring bearer's pillow.

I made the cake topper, working on the flower girl basket and will be doing the two bouquets (three counting the toss bouquet), boutonnieres, and the unity candle arrangement.

Yikes how am I going to do this all in less than two weeks plus go shopping for food?

Oh yeah, we also don't have a bridesmaid's dress or flower girl dress. It's kinda hard to find sage or lavender dresses in the middle of winter. Stores haven't exactly pulled out the Easter pastels yet.

Thankfully all the guys have their clothing picked out. (It's aways so easy for the guys).

We're going pretty casual- no tuxes or anything just shirts, ties and dress pants. The groom is wearing a nice suit.

I'll be posting photos soon of the works in progress and the unpacking and arranging of all the eco-goods we have.

This is fun and so very stressful. Any other time than the holidays and this would have been so much easier. Now I'm running around like a crazy person (even worse than usual :-)

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