Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Mother's Real Green Wedding in Progress: Favors and Plates

It's almost here- Saturday is the big day for my mom.

We're wrapping up all the fine details.

Friday we'll purchase the remaining food and Saturday morning I'll be cooking everything in crock pots and roaster pans.

My house currently looks like a wedding exploded in it. :-)
Here's some of the things I have lying around and in boxes:

These favors by The Tender Seed Company are gorgeous- plantable butterfly paper on a card with beads and directions for planting

(butterflies are my mom's favorite thing)

Then we received these great eco picnic packs that contain eco-freindly plates, ecoware utensils, and biodegradable Wysi Wipes

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The Green Bride Guide said...

We would love to feature your mother's wedding on Green Bride Guide - it sounds great! Please email if she is interested. Thansk!