Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thank You to All of My Mother's Wedding Sponsors

My mother's wedding yesterday was a beautiful and wonderful event.

We had a pretty good turn out even though the weather was terrible and a bad case of the flu has been going around.

And we had many, many compliments on the green wedding items and everyone wanted to know where everything came from- so we told them. Announcements were made and everyone was given this web address to find links to the merchandise.

So I want to give an extra special thanks to all the companies- and the people behind the companies- that sponsored this wedding with invitations, favors, plates, napkins, bowls, eating utensils, and accessories.

It is much appreciated and added an extra special touch to the wedding that did not go unnoticed.
Big thanks go out to:

Twisted Limb Paperworks who provided the gorgeous invitations

Sunflower Seed with Mini Pot Favors from Tree Beginnings

Plantable Butterfly Seeded Paper Favors from Tender Seed Company

Bamboo Plates, Cake Plates & Trays

from Bambu Home

Salad Bowls from Verterra

Eco Picnic Packs that contained plates, ecoware eating utensils and wysi wipes

Birchware Eating Utensils

Napkins from Green Party Goods

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sample said...

So this was her second marriage? anyways this was so funny.

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