Monday, January 10, 2011

Wrapping the Eating Utensils

Napkins from Green Party Goods

Utensils from Birchware

Wrapped Napkins

Hubby wrapping everything up

I put my husband to use over the weekend- he wrapped the Birchware eating utensils in forest friendly napkins from Green Party Goods.

Everything's eco.

I had a bag of rafia that we used to tie everyhing up instead of using plastic based curling ribbon.

The napkins from Green Party Goods are gorgeous, shades of ivoryand cream roses that match the wedding colors and the guestbook I found on ebay.

The napkins are also eco-

"The pulp comes from sustainable managed forestry from trees in Sweden and Finland. The pulp is oxygen bleached - no chlorine. The inks used are water based and kind to the skin. The cell wrapper is made from post- consumer waste that is formulated to burn without leaving a residue."

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