Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Free Tote Bag for Taking a Quiz

My friend Tammy sent me this link for a quiz from Earthbound Farms Organics. Fill it out and you could win a free reusable shopping tote.

I love reusable tote bags. I'm collecting quite a few because the problem I usually have at the store is that I don't have enough bags. I go shopping once a week for five people and three cats. That adds up to a lot of groceries. I usually don't have enough reusable totes for everything. I try to take plastic bags with me that I've collected from stores (I try not to throw them out until they have been used to the end of their life span) but still sometimes don't have enough. So I keep picking up cheap and free bags wherever I can.

Oh, on a different note, Kroger now has a bin for recycling plastic bags as soon as you walk into their store (at least the one in Flushing does, not sure about the rest) so totally cool. Now I have a place to take all the ripped up and holey bags that aren't going to be used for anything else. Usually I stuff them in a box and save them for wrapping up breakables for shipping or storage.

Anyway make sure you take the quiz to get your free tote. The offer expires 4/30.

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