Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Site in the Spotlight- VinoGlo

Don't send your wine bottles to the trash or recycler yet! Repurpose them by turning them into a romantic oil lamp by using VinoGlo products.

What is VinoGlo?

"A VinoGlo is an insert, with a wick, that fits into the opening of a glass bottle and converts it into a beautiful romantic oil lamp. Our VinoGlos create do-it-yourself wine bottle lamps, and they can be used with any glass bottle, too. "

"Capture the romance, keep that special bottle and always remember that special day or evening. The VinoGlo may be used in your favorite glass bottle. As a wine bottle accessory or for any of the following, a water bottle, a champagne, olive oil, or a decorator bottle may be used. "

I think this is a totally "green" product because it converts one thing into something else that is useful.

Turn off the lights and light up a romantic oil lamp. I wonder if eco-friendly oil can be used like hemp or olive? I'll have to check that out.

But I think this is a great product. If you have your wedding reception in an area that allows open flame candles or lamps you could consider using your repurposed bottles into oil lamps as fabulous green centerpieces.

Not only does VinoGlo have the wick but they have the glass flame protector (hurricane thing that goes over the bottle and around the wick), they have oil, and they have bases so you don't have to worry about the lamp tipping over. You can buy products seperately or as a kit.

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