Friday, April 4, 2008

Quick Update and Hello

This week I've been busy typing away, submitting queries and working on projects while my kids are on Spring Break.

Have I got much done? Yes and no. I've gotten some writing done but not as much as I wanted to. So I've worked on other stuff, spring cleaning and what not.

I couldn't concentrate on writing with all the yelling, screaming and giggling going on so I started planning my garden and some craft projects that I want to do. I'm excited to get out in the dirt and start digging soon. I just wish the Michigan weather would cooperate.

Oh, I haven't blogged all was everyone's Earth Hour? I shut all my stuff off for as long as I could. I shut down and even unplugged everything I could except for my fridge and my DVR (had stuff set to record :-)) It was nice, so quiet and dark.

Too bad my husband had to work, it was just me and my two youngest. We had fun though.

I really have to do that more often, though I'll probably wait until summer when it is warmer and much easier to do cause it did get kinda cold since I went all out and turned the heat off too.

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