Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eco-Wine Tasting Bridal Showers

Looking for the ultimate in green bridal showers?

If you are in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut consider a Swirl Events Eco-Chic Wine Tasting Party.

"Tired of sitting through hours of the same old-fashioned bridal shower where the only thing to do is watch the bride unwrap presents for three hours while everyone “oohs and “aahs” out of obligation? Is she wearing an organic cotton dress but then wondering about all the waste at her bridal events? Why not break the mold—and break the ice—with a Swirl Eco-Chic wine-tasting shower where everyone will have fun? "

"Swirl’s “Eco-Chic” in-home wine tasting event packages feature organic and biodynamic wines paired with delicious, locally-produced cheeses and chocolates so that you’re not just living green but celebrating green…in style!"

Swirl Events offer:

A full-service solution that ensures you don’t have to lift a finger! A Swirl Eco-Chic wine tasting includes everything from hand-selected organic and biodynamic wines, perfectly paired local artisanal cheeses and melt-in-your mouth chocolates, to Riedel glasses and wine-loving Swirl experts who seamlessly guide you and your guests through the experience.

Swirl will help brides (and their exhausted yet cheerful friends) entertain effortlessly and organically, ensuring the most important events of their lives runs flawlessly and does not harm the environment.

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adameco said...

This sounds great! I have an organic catering company in San Diego Los Angeles ( and I have been looking for something like this. Would you be interested in consultation for event in LA? Do you have any info on your pairings? Do you use organic cheeses or just local?
Sorry for all the questions...