Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get Started on Your Eco-Frienldy Valentine's Day Shopping with Eco-Undies and Lingerie

Valentine's Day is less than a month away, have you made any plans yet?

Have you considered making it a green Valentine's Day? It is easier than you think to go eco-friendly for this romantic day.

Through the next couple weeks I'll be adding green product reviews, links and suggestions to help you have a fabulously green and eco-romantic Valentine's Day.

Here are some eco-underwear and lingerie websites to get you started on your green romance research.

It's a shame, sustainable lingerie is still not extremely popular and most of the really fab places are in the UK, not here in the US.

I would love to see more eco-friendly lingerie choices that are sexier, available in the US and a little easier on the pocketbook.

At least there are eco-options, some is better than none. Enjoy shopping.

A UK line of super sexy, eco-friendly lingerie made from hemp, silk, soy and more. Their eco-sexy lineup is inspired by vintage and French glamour

A London based eco-lingerie company that ships worldwide. Their lingerie is made from a variety of sustainable fabrics like hemp, bamboo, and silk

Urban Fox
Discouraged with the availability of eco-undies in the US they decided to make their own from bamboo and organic cotton

The Oko Box
The Oko Box carries a variety of clothing and lingerie from many eco-conscious designers including Enamore.

Faeries Dance
Hemp, bamboo and organic clothing and intimate apparel for women

Good Humans
Small selection of undies, nothing extravagant

Eco Body Wear
Another small selection of eco-undies

This French company has some of the sexiest sustainable lingerie available, made from pine tree needles and scraps. Who knew trees could be so sexy? Available in the US at Noblivity and Nimli
Green Knickers
A UK store which sells green undies.

Has some basic organic cotton undies but nothing too sexy.

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