Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scandle Body Massage Candles

"A candle never felt so good"

They got that right.

Scandle Candles are eco-luxurious sensual delights.

Picture it, a romantic evening filled with eco-friendly candlelight, then you and your special someone decide to get a little closer, how about a massage - but massage oil?

No worries. Pour the Scandle Candle on your lover for a eco-erotic massage like nothing you've ever experienced before.

I bet you're thinking ouch, that's got to be hot.


Scandles burn at only two degrees above body temperature, perfect for a little warmth without feeling the burn.

These wonderful candles are perfect for honeymoons or any romantic occasion, like Valentine's Day that's coming up soon.

Not only are they perfect for those eco-romantic evenings but they make great gifts as well.

Anyone out there planning a green bridal shower or bachelorette party? Scandle Candles would make great game prizes or goodie bag fillers.

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