Friday, December 10, 2010

10 Ways to Cut Wedding Catering Costs

The wedding reception is usually the most expensive aspect of the wedding. Catering can take up to whopping forty percent of your wedding budget. Here are ten easy ways to cut costs without much effort or stress.

1) First of all don't order too much. Try to get as accurate a head count as possible that way you don't end up with tons of leftovers that cost you a fortune.

2) Lighten up and be less formal. If you forgo the black tie extravaganza you also forgo the fancy price tag. You could save hundreds just by being less formal and cutting out the fancy extras.

3) Ask for discounts. You never know what they may offer if only you ask. See if you can save money by ordering a package deal. Some caterers offer discounts if you have a lot of children or senior citizen guests or if you are having your wedding on a weekday.

4) Plan your meal for the right time of day. Don't serve an extravagant dinner at a 2 PM reception. If you are having your wedding reception at an early or off time of day consider serving finger foods or just a light meal along with dessert. This could cut your food costs tremendously. Be sure to include on the invitation "cocktail and hors d'oeuvres reception" or simple put "a light meal will be served".

5) Have your wedding on a Friday evening or on another off day. Saturdays are premium days and often cost more. Call around before setting the final date though just to make sure the price difference is worth it.

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i completely agree with you.All the 10 ways were show original aspects of marriage