Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dermazone O-Plex Acne Treatment System

The Dermazone O-PLEX Acne Treatment System is formulated with natural oregano oil and other natural ingredients to help fight acne without harsh chemicals.

There are three main products in the acne treatment system- the O-PLEX wash, the O-PLEX mist and the O-PLEX control. All three harness the power of natural oregano oil to fight acne. Dermazone calls their oregano oil

the Origanum complex. The Origanum complex helps inhibit P. acne bacteria while retexturing skin's surface. The O-PLEX mist and O-PLEX control both use Lyphazomes to deliver the Origanum complex for long lasting hydration.

In addition to the oregano oil (Origanum complex) the one or all of the O-PLEX products contain: tea tree oil, sweet orange oil, sweet marjoram oil, Egyptian geranium oil, and salicylic acid.

The O-PLEX wash is simple to use just dampen skin and rub in a circular motion over the entire face then rinse. This will help unclog pores and get rid of acne bacteria without drying skin.

The O-PLEX mist treats the skin. To use spray on a cotton pad and apply to face. You may feel a warming sensation. Don't worry it is supposed to do that- however if it becomes uncomfortable rinse with cool water.

The O-PLEX control is the skin lotion- this is to help treat and moisturize the skin.

Some people's skin may be sensitive to the natural oils. I apparently am.

I used it for a couple of days and it made my skin red and very uncomfortable. However my teenage son is able to use it and it has done wonders for his skin.

So it all depends on you and how your skin reacts to the essential oils

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