Friday, December 10, 2010

Planning a Wedding In Flint, MI

Wow, I am in shock at how much things have changed in the past couple of years. I know the economy has really destroyed Flint but I hadn't realized how much.

It's been a few since years since I planned a wedding in the area- I've been focused on my writing career.

Now my mother is getting married and, of course, I'm her planner.

Well, there's almost nothing bridal related left here- at leats not in the phonebook or on the large wedding planning websites like The Knot.

All of the small bridal shops that used to be around here are gone- the two in Flushing, Nancy's in Grand Blanc (at least it isn't listed anywhere, I'll have to try calling if I can find the old number), and I think there was one in Clio or Mt Morris- either way they are gone too.

All the caterers and cake people are gone, too. The catering is being offered now by the restaurants in town- no more small independent caterers seem to be left.

Even the wedding supply store is gone- they used to sell wedding supplies and offer rentals of arches, fountains and things like that. All gone.

The phone book only lists David's Bridal and one bridal shop in Davison. Some wedding websites list other stores but I know many of them are gone. Most of the wedding websites have nothing.

I guess between the Internet stores and the bad economy everyone moved or just went out of business. It's very sad.

It also makes it very difficult to plan a local wedding when there are no local vendors.

So I'm searching the web for vendors, shops, and everything I need to plan a wedding in the Flint/Burton, Michigan area.

I thought it would be hard to plan a green wedding in Flint- turns out it is almost impossible to plan any wedding in Flint because there's nothing here.

Thankfully I am finding some wonderful green companies online who are willing to sponsor the wedding in exchange for advertising and promotion. I think it's a wonderful arrangement for all of us.

Twisted Limb Paperworks is providing beautiful, eco-friendly invitations and I believe the Tender Seed Company is providing the favors.

And we are receiving compostable cutlery from Birchware Wooden Utensils.

So we still need: plates, napkins, bowls, cups, tablecloths, decorations, a cake, catering (we are thinking about going DIY).

We also still need wedding attire for the bridesmaid, flower girl, ring bearer, and my oldest son who is walking my mom down the aisle. I'm not sure about the best man. I think the bride and groom decided on what they plan to wear- maybe (the bride is still wavering about the gown- and she still has to try it on).

I am making the floral bouquets, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, boutonnieres, and the cake topper.

I am also working on centerpiece ideas but my mother isn't sure if we can have open flame candles or not. So I am at a stand still until I know which way to go on that.

This is a lot to do in a month.

I just found out this week that she was getting married- on January 15.

I know YIKES. Talk about last minute.

But I am going full steam ahead to get this wedding planned and survive the holidays.

If anyone has any suggestions or would like to join in on being one of the fabulous green companies sponsoring this wedding please email me.

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