Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Real Green Wedding Invitations from Twisted Limb Paperworls

Check out the gorgeous and so very eco invitations for my mom's wedding.

Aren't they beautiful?

Twisted Limb creates handmade invitations from recycled paper.

Check out this description from their site:

Twisted Limb Paperworks is a carbon-neutral production art studio in Bloomington, Indiana. Here we sustainably create our colorful handmade 100% recycled paper using old colored office paper and grocery bags, recycled water, and inclusions of flowers, wildflower seeds, and grass from our lawn.

We received the foldover invitations in lavender and sagebrush.

They have a gorgeous assortment of colors.

Foldover invitation sample

Lavender and Sagebrush color samples

I am so in love with these invitations.

They make me wish I was getting married again.

Maybe the hubby and I have a vow renewal in our future :-)

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Sophia Jacob said...

Regularly i visit your blog...I loved your blog very much...Please upload some nice invitation card picture...

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